Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saudade !!!

Hey !!
How are you girls ?

Well I didn't know what I wanted to say here, but then I thought about the thing that is part of my life, and I feel it everyday, that thing that only us brasilians have, SAUDADE !
Yes we are the only ones that have a work to express thhe feeling of missing something or someone.

So, when you go to USA everyone tells you that you gonna miss your family, you're gonna miss your friends, your life in your country. But way they don't tell you that you'll miss your life in USA.
For some girls is better to be back home, but for me it doesn't work like that. Like I said here before I really miss my life back in Seattle.
I was very happy there and I miss everything about my american life, friends, host family, host kids, my liberty, my car, my unlimited cell phone, EVERYTHING.
For that reason eu feel SAUDADE, and sometimes SAUDADE can hurt, can make you cry.

Some people say to me that I should be happy to be back to my life in Brazil , but I don't know why I don't feel happy.
I just feel that I don't belong here anymore. Anyway I just wanted to say that its normal to feel SAUDADE of the time that you've lived this experience, for some it can be a relief to be back in Brazil, for me NOT.

I wanted to write more but my English is getting bad and I have to think to much to write and I'm really tired heheheheh.
So for those of you that are having a good experience in USA be prepared to miss all the good things of your year in this land.

See ya !!

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  1. Saudade é uma coisa complicada mesmo...
    Sei que não vou sentir saudade da cidade que eu moro, nem da minha host family, mas com certeza sentirei saudade dos amigos que fiz aqui!