Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Liliana

Hey ...

So this post will be in English because I think I'm losing my abilitty to write in English  :(
Well today I really miss Seattle, my friend just had her baby girl Liliana and I wish I was there, this friend of mine is the one from my american family ,the one I told some posts ago.
I don't know but when I think I'm getting used to the life back in Brasil, something push me back to USA and than I remember that I was happier there.
Than I remember that I really liked the life there and that I want to go back as soon as possible, but at the same time I know that being an au pair is not a carrier and I have to work and make money and be someone in this world. It scares to think that I have to be someone, that I have to grow and can't live in a dream anymore. The bad news is that I don't know what to do with my life, I'm almost done with college and have to decide if I'll try the life here, or if I'll try the life there again (meaning that I'll be an au pair again because is the only way I can go back).
Anyway I'll start in a new job, and maybe I'll find my self and maybe I'll be happy here, and maybe not.
Well the title of this post was about the baby that I'm dying to meet, but she made me thing about my life.
Sorry about the mistakes but I don't want to back to correct them :/
Good luck to me, tomorrow I start at the new job.

This is the little princess Liliana ( Lilly) sooo cute.

See ya

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  1. Oi Nathália, obrigada pelas dicas de comida. O problema é que eu sou chata mesmo. Ainda não fui em restaurante Tailandes... Vou procurar sim. Agora restaurante Chines as carnes brilham de tanto óleo que tem. E eu tenho nojo. hahahaha Ontem eu comi buffalo Wings, bem gordo, e hoje to passando mal. hahah Tenho problema com muito óleo. Mas obrigada mesmooo.

    E sua princesinha é linda mesmo! :D