Friday, November 12, 2010

So you can know me

I started this because I've been looking several blogs and I wnated to have my own BLOG.
I'm an ex-au pair that loved her experience and was not ready to come back to her country and so I'm is still very attached with the au pair world.
Is not that I loved everything all the time but I don't know how to explain what is the feeling that I have about it, I loved the fact that I was living " alone" and in this country that made me a different person.
And now after a year that I came back to " where I belong"  ( because now I don't think I belong here anymore) I felt the need to write, since I didn't write anything while I was there.
So I was in the US for 22 months, living close do Seattle- Washington.. I had 2 host families and I always took care of girls.
This will be my refuge, I will write if I'm happy, whem I'm angry, or whem I want to run away and go back to USA.
Because I'm here just because I have to, not because I want.

See ya.

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